Keeping Commitments

How many commitments have you failed to keep lately? None I hope.My favorite leadership reading besides my book is The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  I have had it on my desk for years.  I look through it from time to time to remind myself of some of the important messages.

There is a piece on page 193 that is titled “Keeping Commitments.”

Keeping a commitment is a big deal in life, and perhaps one of the most important.  There is probably not a more important thing for you to do than keep commitments that you make to someone—and especially when it is important to that person.

Make your commitments carefully to protect your reputation and credibility.

Do not make commitments to anyone in business or in your personal life unless you are prepared to keep those commitments, which I would just say is another way of saying, keep your promises.

Saying you forgot is not a good excuse.  If you have good intentions but often do forget, then for crying out loud, get to a Time/Life Management Class before no one believes you when you make a promise and forget to keep it.

I cannot even imagine telling family, friend or co-workers that I forgot to follow through on a commitment/promise that I made to them.

Think about it!   . . . Lee

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  1. Lee, I just listened to your book, and really enjoyed it, I visited Disney World 2 yrs ago with my 6yr old and wife and came away impressed how the people make the magic. Hope to meet you some day, Homer

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