Be Clear About What It Is Like to Work With You

Creating Disney Magic Episode 509 Be Clear about what it is like to work with you

In hiring, clarity is key. Lay it out upfront: the hard work, long hours, and expectations. Magic happens not by chance but by setting clear, honest expectations. Be transparent to avoid disappointment later.

Entry-level work can be brutal. It’s essential to prepare newcomers for the reality they’re stepping into. At Disney, we show them all aspects of the job, not just the glamorous parts. Honesty builds stronger teams. One way of making sure you build strong teams is by starting with strong training and setting expectations. They aren’t just corporate buzzwords; they’re fundamentals. If the team fails, often it’s on leadership for not being clear or thorough enough. Train well and communicate often.

Professionalism goes beyond skill. It’s showing up, looking presentable, and acting the part. We can’t assume new hires know the basics. Outline every detail, no matter how small. Better over-informed than underprepared. Every role, from housekeeper to manager, deserves clear communication about what it entails. Sugarcoating helps no one. Respect your team by being brutally honest about the work ahead. Authenticity breeds trust and success.

Remember, we’re not just hiring bodies. We’re shaping futures, and the clearer we are, the more successful they’ll be. Let’s make sure they know everything they need to thrive.

Make sure to listen to episode 509 “Be Clear About What it is Like to Work With You” for more on setting clear expectations up front.


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Key Moments

01:03 Frustrations with work, lack of promotion, stress, and discontent.

05:49 Performance depends on clarity with training and expectations.

08:33 Be on time and excel for advancement.

09:27 Differences in generational knowledge and awareness.