Hiring Someone for Their First Job

Creating Disney Magic Episode 460 Hiring Someone for Their First Job

“Experience changes you, and hopefully for the better.” – Lee Cockerell

I  remember the uncertainty I felt as a young boy starting my first job. I was 16, behind the wheel of a delivery car for Parks Drugstore. There was an enormous responsibility that also gave me a thrill of independence. I also really wanted to prove myself. This is common for many young people. In fact, many organizations love the enthusiasm of eager early professionals when they are hiring someone for their first job.

On the first day, my eyes strayed from the road to the address I was supposed to deliver to. Before I knew it, I had crashed the car. The fear of facing my employer was almost paralyzing. But when I did, he was understanding, kind, and supportive. That interaction not only saved my confidence, it built my understanding of how to handle mistakes made by first-time job seekers.

Fast forward to now, where I find myself in a position to guide and mentor young individuals navigating their first jobs. I often recall my initial experiences, the lessons I learned, and the support I received.  The three things I emphasize most are often:

  • the importance of showing up on time
  • maintaining a positive attitude
  • treating every customer with utmost respect

If you work with young or newly employees individuals take the time to reassure them that making mistakes is a part of growing. Remember your role in helping them navigate through any hurdles. The pride they feel when they succeed, the lessons they learn, and the experiences they have will shape their personal and professional lives, just as mine did for me.

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00:01:11 – History of Glacier National Park

00:02:00 – First-Time Job Seekers

00:07:41 – Additional Training for First-Time Job Seekers

00:10:57 – The Power of the Disney College Program

00:13:39 – The Importance of Getting Experience Elsewhere

00:14:13 – Group Orientation for First-Time Hires

00:15:05 – Advice for Handling Challenges on the Job