Boost Training Effectiveness by Testing on What You Train

Creating Disney Magic Episode 461 Boost training effectiveness by Testing on What you train


“Teaching is useless unless people are learning. Training needs to be sticky and impactful for it to truly make a difference.” – Lee Cockerell

There was a time in my life when I was practically living in hotels and restaurants. A lot of my time was spent observing the activity around me. I quickly recognized the significance of training effectiveness. One thing that has stuck with me was the realization that the implementation of a training is critical but often overlooked.

We can conduct countless training sessions, but if they don’t translate into action, what’s the point? My perspective on training started to shift when I began to notice how some team members naturally excelled at their roles right after training, while others struggled, often slipping back into old habits. This observation led me to the importance of testing the training – not just immediately after, but as a consistent practice. It reminded me of learning to drive. The instructor can teach you all the rules, but unless you practice and are observed on the road, you won’t truly grasp it. The same applies to any profession.

The effectiveness of training lies not just in teaching, but ensuring learning has taken place. There’s an adage that says teaching is useless unless learning takes place. This couldn’t be more accurate in a professional environment. The effectiveness of any training program lies not just in delivering knowledge but in ensuring that knowledge translates into improved performance.

This is a great episode to listen to if you’re feeling like your training programs are not producing the desired results. Many leaders and trainers are struggling to ensure effective training and skill retention among their employees. Despite implementing various actions such as lectures, presentations, and reading materials, they are often met with limited engagement, low information retention, and poor application of skills in real-world scenarios. Take a listen to our conversation on impactful training execution and fostering an environment dedicated to continuous learning.

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00:02:56 – Testing What You Trained For

00:08:33 – The Importance of Execution

00:11:23 – Enforcing Training and Continuous Improvement

00:13:22 – The Best Way to Do Things

00:14:03 – Importance of Training

00:14:43 – Knowledge and Disappointments

00:15:28 – The Value of Existing Customers

00:15:47 – Training, Testing, and Enforcing