It Is Just A Matter Of Time!

There is one thing that we all have in common. That is…at some point in our lives, we will face adversity. It’s not a matter of if but…when.

I have come to realize that the difference in our success and failure is not chance, but choice. Because when adversity strikes, it’s not what happens that will determine our destiny; it’s how we react to what happens.

The adversities in my life have been many but I just stayed positive and everything worked out fine.

#1 Born very poor and lived on a dairy farm with no indoor plumbing.

#2 My mother was married five times.

#3 I never met my father.

#4 I went to college and basically flunked out. Too much fun and not enough studying.

#5 Had several bosses that were real jerks. My day off was Thursday for years.

#6 Got fired after 90 days on the job in a job I should not taken in the first place. I was out of work for six weeks before joining Marriott in 1973

#7 Got passed over for a promotion I deserved at Marriott because I was not supported by several VP’s above me who thought I was too agressive.

#8 Marriott demoted me to a GM position from a VP spot and sent me to the smallest and worst hotel in the chain. They did not reduce my salary which I really appreciated it. It turned out to be the best job I ever had and I got GM of a hotel on my resume.

#9 Worked at Disneyland Paris. We were losing one million a day after we opened…real stress!

#10 Managed the events of 9/11 and many recessions and hurricanes at Disney.

# 11 Priscilla got sick and almost died. It was a long 18 months caring for her 24/7. Priscilla is OK now.

#12 I ended up with anxiety and depression and had to be treated. I am OK now too. If you are depressed, go get help. 80% of people are cured with medications. Most men won’t go for help. Don’t be macho!

#13 And I forgot…I was adopted twice and am on my third name since I was born. First I was Norwood Deal and then Lee Lemmons and finally Lee Cockerell and you thought you had problems…and my mother smoked while she was pregnant with me.

Life is like a roller coaster….There are many ups and downs. Just stay positive and go enjoy the ride up again and be prepared for the next ride down. It can be exciting or miserable but it you have the right attitude, everything will turn out just fine….Lee

  1. Good stuff. Lee, have you ever thought about hosting a mentor program in SW Orlando to expand on some of these comments? An open forum type lunch.

  2. Thanks for sharing your personnel information. It helps people realize you can succeed regardless of life’s obstacles.

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