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Dear Lee:

We write this letter of thanks, all be it very belated, for the time we had in Florida last year, and in particular to one person who helped one day be extra special to my daughter.

Our daughter, who at the time was 10, had been wanting to “meet” Peter Pan for over six years!  He had, in fact, been her imaginary friend for some time during her younger years and someone who had helped her through surgery, hospital visits, and trauma.  So, when the time and the finances became available, we took her and her sister to the Walt Disney World® Resort.

Like everyone, we had a very busy time with you and found ourselves running out of time to guarantee meeting Peter Pan at one of the Character greeting posts.  So, we found a member of your staff and our daughter very briefly explained how much she wanted to see Peter Pan before she went home.

The Cast Member, who quite literally, made our holiday, was Beverly who originates from Kingston, Jamaica, and is a credit to your team.  She was working on Friday, August 15, in Adventureland at 1 p.m.

Beverly told our daughter exactly where to wait so that she may be fully involved in the antics of Captain Hook, Smee, Wendy, and, of course, Peter Pan.  She then made sure we were in the right places for all surprises, taking care we would not miss a thing.  Both of our daughters joined in all the fun, ending with our daughter being given a signed map then photographs were taken of her, Peter Pan, Wendy, and Emily.

  By the time we had finished with the photo shoot and wiped our eyes, Beverly had taken up her post again at another Character greeting spot.  Well, our daughter did find her again and gave her a big hug telling her that it was the best moment of her holiday—which it was.

We wanted to say how impressed we were with Beverly’s warm welcome and genuine enthusiasm for making our daughter’s day so special.

Kindly pass on the enclosed note to her as, even though our daughter will never forget the day, Beverly may need a reminder!

Our apologies for sending this letter so late; but we have been renovating the house and papers, and let’s face it, everything has been misplaced, and we have only just come across the note we made of Beverly’s name.

We believe we took our Disney trip just in time and thank Beverly again for memories of our young girl’s dream last year as she will be turning into a young lady when she goes to secondary school in September this year.

Yours sincerely,

Making Dreams Come True!


Part of our role is to make dreams come true.  As you can see, Beverly knows her role very well.  This is one of those memorable and “magical” experiences that this family will never forget.  Thank you, Beverly, for going the extra mile!   . . . Lee




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