Making a Career Pivot (Podcast)

Lee Cockerell Creating Disney MagicNearly 10 years ago, Lee Cockerell retired from his role as Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World. Rather than retire to the couch and golf course, Lee made a career pivot into his own business as a consultant and keynote speaker.

In this episode of Creating Disney Magic, we look into what it takes to make a successful career pivot.

All of the questions about making a career pivot come from the Pivot Profiles magazine by Mike Kim.

Jody Maberry, the host of  Creating Disney Magic, was featured in Pivot Profiles.

Lee was recently a guest on The Jody Maberry Show. You can hear Lee talk about Lessons from Disney Here.



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  1. Great info and very informative on how to make a successful career pivot. Looking forward to checking out the buzz on “Time Management Magic”. As I make my career pivot in the next 6 months, it will be a handy tool. Thanks!

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