Take The Path Of Some Resistance


   Take the path of some resistance? That sounds like bad advice. Any advice misunderstood can turn out badly for the taker, so let me explain: When we take the path of least resistance, we develop no muscle or moxie. Things work out easily but the process doesn’t make us better. The path of some resistance recognizes that more difficult paths develop stamina and skill. And if you’ve done much hiking, you know that some of the best views are seen from the end of the most challenging trails. Paths of some resistance include telling someone what they need to hear rather than what they’ll want to hear. It can mean choosing to do something that requires physical exertion over letting a machine do the work. And it almost always means going beyond ourselves to be of service to others. The path of least resistance says that the “system” can help those that need it. The path of some resistance doesn’t mean that we can help everyone but it acknowledges the tragedy of helping no one. Consider the paths you choose and consider choosing a few with some resistance.

From Sanborn and Associates blog

This is why Priscilla and I work out at Super Slow Zone in Windermere. The training is serious resistance weight traing and we have both gotten into serious excellent shape. If anyone is interested in trying it out, send me an email with your address and I will get you a free first workout. It only takes 20 minutes twice a week.

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