The Difference between Efficient and Effective

Today Jody and I are looking at the difference between being efficient and being effective. We also are going to tell you which is more important.

You can be efficient by getting a long to-do list done, but are you being effective? If you aren’t focusing on the correct things, then you may be checking things off without being effective. Being effective means you are getting the right things done.

It is not enough to keep busy. Make sure you schedule your priorities. Then you can make sure you are focusing on the right things. It’s not hard to fill time. It can be difficult to focus on the hard stuff that needs doing. Being busy isn’t the same as being effective.

You are not the product of your circumstances; you are the product of the decisions you have been making throughout your life. Think about the results you are looking for, and then do those things that you need to do to get you there. Do things right, not fast. Speed does not equal efficiency. Watch the data, then determine the metrics that will help you be effective and build efficiencies around them.

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