Tips on Getting Hired at Disney (Podcast)

Creating Disney Magic podcast Lee Cockerell Jody MaberryOften, Lee Cockerell gets questions about how to get hired at Disney.

Truth is, it is not easy to get hired at Disney World. It gets harder when you can not afford, in salary or the step back in your career, to take an entry level job.

There is no short cut to getting a job at Disney, but Lee shares little steps that may help you get noticed.

Lee’s new book, Career Magic, is available for pre-order. You can order it here.

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  1. Lee,

    Thanks for giving us the keys to the kingdom. This is great information for parents and teachers who want to groom young teens and adults for success in their career. This is a crucial lesson plan for High School students and junior colleges that provide career assistance advisement. Excellent topic!


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