Use Training to Make Progress

Creating Disney Magic Episode 444 Use Training to Make ProgressToday, Jody and I are unpacking how to ensure the training your team gets is effective and creates long-term change.

Training is essential to most businesses. But if nobody does anything after you train them, you didn’t train them. Whether you are an employee or a manager, it boils down to being disciplined and accountable to applying what you learn.

Most people don’t have a problem knowing what to do. They have a problem with doing it. Training needs to be implemented. Do the things that will make sure you don’t have issues down the road. Create systems to help you accomplish what is necessary. If you are an employee, take notes, be intentional, and create systems to help you apply what you learn. If you are a manager, hold your team accountable and create an infrastructure that supports the application.

Any problem you have in your life, you can go and learn how to do better. Use the people around you and the systems you have in place to push yourself. The choices you make create the life you have.

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