How to Reinforce Good Customer Service

Creating Disney Magic Episode 429 How to Reinforce Good Customer ServiceToday, Jody and I discuss how to reinforce good customer service. It’s not enough to require your team to provide customer service. You need to recognize specific actions, so it is reproducible.

As a leader, it is your job to recognize and reinforce the attributes you want your employees to embody. The only way to do that is to be out where it happens. Have your feet on the ground and see how your team treats the customers. When you see behavior you want repeated, call it out, and recognize the individual for it. The best recognition is specific.

When you are present and observant, it becomes easy to see what is cultivating in the culture of your team. You hire the team to make a difference, but you must create an environment for them to work within.

Expressing genuine and specific interest in people is the best way to recognize individuals and help them feel valued. Pay attention today, on purpose, and call them out for it. Recognized and rewarded behavior gets repeated. Bring it up and follow up. Make recognizing people part of who you are. That is how it becomes the culture.

You will make people’s lives better, and you will better yourself by intentionally seeking out opportunities to recognize others. Serve everyone like they are your best friend or family member. When you have a lot of happy people on your team, you will make more money. Simple as that.

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