Training New Leaders

Creating Disney Magic Episode 453 Training New Leaders“Your responsibility is not to sit in the office, but to be out in the operation.”

There are a few things I learned throughout my career about effectively training new leaders. It starts by hiring the right people and setting clear expectations. Clear expectations includes making sure the new leader’s personal appearance is up to standard and they understand the importance of being visible and present in the operation. Never minimize the role of management in making sure employees reach their full potential.

It is essential to start with training on empathy and discipline. That lays a good foundation for building other aspects of leadership. A manager’s responsibility is to make other people better. They do what they need to so that guests and team members leave with positive experiences. They know that it can be done well when employees learn to embrace the company’s culture.

Leaders must remain disciplined and set the example. People watch what leaders do, so model what it means to uphold high standards and represent the company positively. If management is done right, then employees are happier and the company succeeds. This episode provides even more tips on how to improve leadership skills for managers.

As I always say, hire the right people, train them well, and treat them right.

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00:02:26 – Training New Leaders

00:06:04 – Responsibility vs. Title

00:09:08 – The Power of Working for Disney

00:10:56 – Responsibility as a New Leader

00:13:25 – The Importance of Personal and Professional Performance

00:14:43 – Leading with Empathy and Discipline

00:15:09 – Long-Term Payoff of Hard Work

00:16:15 – Starting with Reputation

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