Creating Magic with Pre-Shift Meetings

Creating Disney Magic episode 498 creating magic with pre-shift meetings

“They are perfect place to remind everyone every day about your expectations and pump up the team to win big when delivering to your customers and team members.”

As a leader you should understand the importance of pre-shift meetings. These brief interactions can transform your team’s performance and engagement, which ultimately impacts your customer experience. These meetings offer so much clarity that I know they are what help Disney World’s leaders create excellent, consistent service. I want you to be able to make magic in your organization too. In this episode I detail how you can apply these strategies to your team.

The three things to consider when setting up a team huddle. The first thing to be aware of is that the meetings should enhance communication and clarity. Don’t just have a meeting to have a meeting. That will have the opposite effect. Align your team with daily goals and expectations. Provide a platform for team members to ask questions, voice needs, and share vital updates. Use that information they give you to guide the conversations in the huddles.

Team huddles, or pre-shift meetings, are a great opportunity to boost team morale and focus. Use this time to inspire and motivate your employees and team. Including celebrations is a way to ensure everyone is in a good mindset as they start their shifts. Don’t just do a annual or quarterly recognition. Acknowledge individual and team successes regularly.

It is no secret that knowledge is power. There are many times the only way a leader has knowledge of something is if their employee lets them know. Likewise, employees are often busy completing their tasks that they depend on the leader to pass on any new information from the organization. Keep the team informed on pertinent topics, from customer service strategies to safety reminders.

When you are intentional about equipping your team with information it empowers them to deliver exceptional service. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or just starting in management, you can create organizational magic by crafting meaningful pre-shift meetings. Take a listen to this episode for more guidance on creating magic with pre-shift meetings.

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