Treat People as Individuals

Creating Disney Magic Episode 499 Treat People as Individuals

“The most important customer interaction is the one with the person you are in front of.”

The heart of customer service and leadership is the importance of valuing every person as a “Very Individual Person (VIP)”. It’s the individual attention and personalized service that makes all the difference in both our professional and personal lives. Every interaction in leadership, customer service, or even daily life can be magical when we understand individual needs.

Here are 3 key takeaways from this conversation:

– Every Person as a VIP: VIP stands for Very Individual Person. Treating each person according to their unique needs and preferences is what sets exceptional customer service apart from the average.

– Observation & Personalization: To really cater to individual needs, we must observe closely, ask the right questions, and personalize our approach. It’s about going beyond the generic encounters, learning what matters to your customer, and acting on it.

– Consistency & Presence: Whether it’s one guest or one team member, the most important interaction is the one you’re currently having. Be present, not preoccupied, and give each person the focus they deserve to feel special.

Every day, we meet people with diverse needs. Some want public praise, others a quiet note. Knowing each preference and responding to it is not only key in leadership but in creating life-lasting relationships. Individual care makes all the difference.

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01:20 Cultivating a Positive Culture in Leadership and Management

02:56 Customer Centric Business Approach

05:08 Personalizing Interactions and Customer Service

09:09 Maintaining Personal Service in Large Organizations